Table games – Unique betting hall with high return rate

Table games lobby at 777color are one of the entertainment categories that are most interested in by many players today. Here there is a gathering of famous betting games, with good odds. Right now, join us to fully explore the game lobby and great betting tips!.

Overview of the Table games lobby

Table games is one of the typical betting halls at 777color that is becoming a trend today. You can simply understand that this is a form of online betting based on bets placed on the table by the house, including card games and Roulette.

Accordingly, the betting odds limits here are quite diverse. In particular, the lowest payout a player can earn from the system always has a ratio of 1:1. Depending on each game, the odds system will be arranged differently to help you choose confidently.

The final results will be updated directly by the unit and always ensure the highest objectivity. Absolutely, during the betting process, there will not be any profiteering or cheating activities at all. Thus, bettors can completely rest assured while experiencing the game with their own abilities.

Table games is one of the typical betting halls at 777color
Table games is one of the typical betting halls at 777color

Explaining the appeal of Table games 777color

Originally, this gaming hall was present in many different bookmakers. However, 777color is still the address that owns the largest number of bets on the market today. This can be explained by the following properties:

Fair betting odds

Most players who participate in the experience at the house have a high appreciation for the reward exchange rate here. The lobby’s system always updates results randomly, with direct supervision by customers to ensure no fraudulent entertainment activities occur.

When participating in the betting hall, you should prioritize games such as Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat. All three of these games are extremely easy to make and have countless odds for you to choose from. This ensures that you can optimally participate in betting with the amount of capital spent.

Modern betting table design

The house’s interface design has never disappointed gamers. Accordingly, the betting tables here all have beautiful, luxurious graphics and exude class and professionalism. You will be entertained in a space like online casinos in Las Vegas, Macau,…

Throughout the process of dealing Table games, there will be a monitoring system set up. This helps bettors conveniently monitor specific developments in the game. At the same time, it is easier to make effective comments and analysis.

777color has an extremely beautiful betting table design
777color has an extremely beautiful betting table design

Fast transaction

The transaction system at the house is integrated with modern transfer technology and updated with many different methods. Therefore, you will not waste too much time in the exchange and reward process.

When the unit commits to a refund date, it will comply with standards. If a transaction error occurs, you should contact the customer care and support team directly for quick processing.

Exclusive promotional program

Participating in Table games at 777color is an ideal experience as there are many exclusive promotion frames with large refunds. Players can freely participate in receiving gifts with a free percentage by day and month. If you actively deposit money and close bets, you can receive exclusive promotional codes for loyal members.

Table games give accurate results

Another advantage that the betting hall receives a lot of attention for is providing accurate results and absolute safety. Here, there is no case of fixing betting results, because the technical staff always changes the answers continuously.

777color is committed to updating results regularly and transparently. This is also the core operating goal of the company to create a fair playing field for all of its customers. Because of this meticulousness, the house always records the number of people making big bets every day.

Suggestions for outstanding Table games products

The game titles in this betting hall are quite diverse with many attractive variations. Each choice you make will open up an extremely special entertainment space. Below are some outstanding Table games that we would like to introduce to you.


This is said to be the hottest hit product at the house. While experiencing the game, you need to make predictions about whether the Player or Banker hand will win. Each side will be dealt a maximum of 3 cards, however there are cases where victory or defeat can be divided right from the first 2 cards.

Currently, Table games are providing users with many different variations in this game. Such as: Speed, Punto Blanco, Blockchain,… Each product brings new experiences in its own unique style.

Baccarat is a typical betting game at the game hall
Baccarat is a typical betting game at the game hall


This game is also known as Blackjack, it will bring effective moments of sublime entertainment. Players participating will need to create a chain of cards with a total close to or equal to 21 to compete. You need to calculate carefully to be able to come up with appropriate card drawing strategies.

Craps at Table games

This is considered an interesting variation from the super game Sicbo. A page of members participating in the game will be responsible for doing things, and they will coordinate all activities taking place on the betting table. Accordingly, the maximum for each bet in the system is 2 dice. However, you can win early in the first round if you are lucky.

Accordingly, the highlight of the Craps game lies in the extremely diverse odds offered with a large return rate. However, you need to clearly understand the rules of the game to avoid falling into unnecessary confusion.


Another betting masterpiece that you cannot ignore is Poker. Many players have fallen in love with this game and often make huge bets. It is known that players will have to go through 4 rounds of fierce competition such as: Pre Flop, Flop, Turn and finally River to have their score lowered for comparison.

Most people who play Table games Poker will gradually lose each round. Normally there will only be 2 opponents remaining until the final round. In case no one else raises from your hand, you will be the winner.

Poker is a classic entertainment product at the house
Poker is a classic entertainment product at the house

Revealing how to bet on Table games to win big you should know

Although this betting hall is considered to be quite risky, if you know how to take advantage of good playing tips.

Calculate the demand to find the winning door

It is no coincidence that 777color bookmaker updates the statistical table of results in previous games. Bettors can base on this information and conduct analysis to see which players are running. Through here, you will find the appropriate odds for the next rounds.

Prioritize low value capacitors

As mentioned before, Table games have an extremely large return rate, but the probability of returning to shore is quite low. In case the player tries to raise the bet, the risk of losing capital will be very large. Accordingly, choosing doors with low odds is always a way to play that brings safety and helps players return home quickly. Just choose to eat 1:1 and your success rate will increase significantly.

Play multiple odds

When you are lucky enough to choose good bets before, you should actively increase your bets to quickly recover your capital. That means players will spend more capital on the next games to get more attractive results. Accordingly, the maximum number of hands you can raise is between 3 – 5 games.

Finalizing table games bets according to the winner

777color’s online betting games always attract a lot of interest from bettors. Among them, it is not uncommon for wise players to regularly bring home big wins. There are even lucky people who explode consecutively. At this time, if you have limited experience, you can bet their way to win huge rewards.

Players should close the bet on the winner if they do not have experience
Players should close the bet on the winner if they do not have experience

Some important notes when playing Table games

With the purpose of creating a fair entertainment environment for all members, the house has set out general operating principles for everyone to participate in betting. Among them, there are some issues that you need to pay attention to such as:

  • Always carefully study the information about the reward redemption policy proposed by the house to avoid confusion.
  • How to play Table games at 777color may be the same or different from other bookmakers. This system will automatically make certain adjustments to match the user trends approached.
  • You should not bet all-in or call with too large a capital if you do not realize the opportunity to win big.
  • You should apply a variety of different playing strategies to avoid being caught by your opponents.
  • Maintain a calm and alert spirit during the closing process.


We are very pleased to accompany and share with you about the Table games betting hall at 777color. Hopefully, this information will help you equip basic skills to be more confident when betting.