Instructions for betting and winning big at 777color you should know

Betting instructions are one of the contents that many new bettors are looking for. In the following article, we will fully explain to you the standard betting method at each game. Besides, there are related betting tips, let’s follow them!

Full instructions for betting at bookmaker 777color

Each bookmaker has a separate betting process. At 777color, there are some notable points that you need to pay attention to:

Create a betting account

The first step for players who want to participate in betting at the playground is to create a successful registration account. You will need to access the official homepage of the correct bookmaker, then apply the following steps:

  • Step 1: Switch the device to an international area → Select the Register 777color box on the official interface screen.
  • Step 2: At this point, the interface will redirect to the account information registration table. Players will declare personal information: Username, password, re-enter password, phone number, email (official) and confirmation code.
  • Step 3: Check all registration information → Verify OTP → Select registration to continue applying the betting instructions.
Bettors need to register for a 777color account to place bets
Bettors need to register for a 777color account to place bets

Log in to your betting account

After successfully completing the steps to register a betting account. You need to log in to start choosing the entertainment product you like. These steps are simply carried out as follows:

  • Step 1: Open the downloaded bookmaker application or the official website (note, change the access region to an international area).
  • Step 2: Select the Account Login function → The interface screen will navigate to the login page.
  • Step 3: Update the house login information: account name, password along with confirmation code → Check the information and select the Login box.

Choose betting products

Go to the third step in the betting instructions process. Once the player has successfully activated his account, he can choose the betting product of his choice. In it, we have some great suggestions for you such as:

  • Spin the lottery to win prizes (slot) brings together famous international betting product lines. With a completely new prize drawing mechanism, it will help you access the most unique entertainment content. We can mention some super products such as: JiLi, Fa Chai, JDB, Afb Gaming, Red Tiger, CQ9 Gaming, Playstar,…
  • Lottery betting is also an equally instructive betting hall. Here, you will experience special forms of number betting, such as: 3D Lotto, 2D Lotto, 4D Lotto, 6D Lotto, Ultra Lotto 6/58,…
  • Cockfighting betting with the outstanding product DS88. This is a newly invested hall at 777 color, promising to bring viewers dramatic competitions.
  • Sports betting with the presence of two main gaming halls, AEB88 and CMD368, is designed with enhanced interface quality. Matches reported live will bring an interesting entertainment experience.
  • Online Casino is a real-time game designed like a luxury casino in Las Vegas. You can have 2 separate game halls: 777color Casino or MIKI Gaming.
Please look up your favorite game on the system - Instructions for betting
Please look up your favorite game on the system – Instructions for betting

Instructions for deposit betting

This is the most important step in the online betting cycle at the house. This step will directly determine your success or failure. Therefore, please consider carefully before proceeding.

At this time, when the player has chosen a satisfactory betting product, it will have its own requirements regarding betting limits. That means you can bet from the minimum amount to the maximum. Each product has its own rules, so make sure you choose a game that suits your finances and abilities.

Betting instructions when depositing money into 777color provides a variety of different payment methods. Among them, the most convenient is to use a bank account, or maybe an e-wallet or phone scratch card. All payment steps are verified in detail by the unit and the user. Specifically:

  • Step 1: Log in to the user’s personal account at the house → Select the Deposit function icon on the toolbar on the standby screen.
  • Step 2: Click to select one of the available payment methods → Enter payment information as required (ensuring information accuracy).
  • Step 3: Check the transaction information again and confirm → Finally, click Deposit to have the payment system automatically transfer money to the game account quickly.

Participate in prize-winning betting

After you have fully deposited money into your betting account, you will continue to follow the bookmaker’s betting instructions. Specifically, you will access the selected game, then update the desired bet amount. At this time, the Dealer side of the playground will confirm and start participating in the game.

This entertainment process is applied in accordance with the previously prescribed game rules. You will rely on your experience and thinking to judge and make appropriate betting decisions. Each game requires a separate and specific betting strategy to win.

In case you are stuck for ideas, you can visit reward forums or gaming websites to learn from experience. You can get useful advice from experts and apply it to your chosen type of betting.

Depositing money is a mandatory operation when you participate in betting
Depositing money is a mandatory operation when you participate in betting

Bonus payment

This is the final step in the house betting instruction process. To verify the winners and losers in each betting game, the games will be announced by the Dealer as ending and the results will be updated directly on the main interface.

At that time, you can observe your own achievements and determine the amount of bonus you can receive if you win. Accordingly, the winner will receive a bonus amount corresponding to the rate they agreed with the house. In case of losing the bet, you will lose the entire amount previously bet.

However, at 777color every player will enjoy a refund policy if they lose their bet. Therefore, you can feel secure when participating in redeeming rewards, because the refund rate here is quite high and will not cause you to lose too much capital.

Betting conditions you should know

In addition to needing to fully follow the betting instructions above, you need to make sure you have fully met the betting requirements to avoid unnecessary risks. Accordingly, there are particularly important contents that you need to pay attention to:

  • Players must be over 18 years old when participating in betting. This is information that you need to prove during the online betting registration process. This age limit may vary depending on the region where the player is registered.
  • The player’s account has been approved and you have become a member of the house. The content of this betting guide is stated to ensure the benefits for players that they may receive.
  • Bettors need to have stable financial capital to bet. The amount of bet depends on the capital you own. You should remember that this is an entertaining game and there is a risk of losing money if you are unlucky. Therefore, consider carefully your ability to pay as accurately as possible.
  • The bank account number or e-wallet you provide to receive the bonus (if any) according to the betting instructions needs to ensure legitimacy. That is, the account that the player is the owner of, and needs to match the information that the player registered with from the beginning.
777color sets its own conditions for players to bet
777color sets its own conditions for players to bet

Some latest betting guidance policies

Bookmaker 777color has many different versions that have been updated on the online platform. Therefore, the betting policies here will also have certain changes. So, to grasp the latest information, please follow the following specifically summarized content:

  • Minimum bet policy: Bookmaker 777color is currently applying a minimum bet policy of 50K to ensure that every player participates in betting with the smallest amount of money. At the same time, create conditions and attract new players with little experience.
  • Refund policy: The casino offers a refund policy that is applicable to all betting halls. Each hall will have a different refund limit, you will receive back the lost bets, while minimizing risks and chances of winning.
  • Preferential policy: The unit regularly opens programs and events to attract members’ interests. Promotions come from bonuses when completing registration, bonuses when paying for transactions, or bonuses on other special holidays.
  • Payment policy: Betting guide launches payment policies applicable to many different forms such as: banks, e-wallets, phone scratch cards. Regardless of which payment method players use, they will receive enthusiastic support and no additional fees during the transaction process.
Please refer to the betting instructions policy to make playing easier
Please refer to the betting instructions policy to make playing easier



Above, the article has shared basic information about Instructions for betting. We hope that this content can help you be more confident in the process of participating in betting at the house. Besides, if during the experience you encounter any problems, please share with us to receive the earliest response!.