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In the reputable online betting market, in the Philippines there is Bookmaker 777COLOR, and in Vietnam there is Bookmaker VZ99. VZ99 is one of the prominent names and is always highly appreciated by users for its quality. At VZ99 there is always a large number of members participating every day, the number exceeds 10 million and is increasing day by day. So what brings success to VZ99, is the experience here guaranteed to be safe?


VZ99 – A reputable bookmaker marking success in the field of online entertainment

There is no shortage of bookmakers today, but not all bookmakers guarantee prestige and quality. Because all bets are made with real money, if you choose the wrong bookmaker, the odds of losing money are very high. If you are still wondering which name to choose, you definitely cannot ignore the name VZ99.

VZ99.LIVING is a newly launched bookmaker in the Vietnamese market but is not inferior to its “elder” classes. Betting products and services at VZ99 are extremely high quality, simple gameplay, high odds. Besides, when registering an account to participate in the game, you will receive many attractive incentives.

VZ99 is licensed to operate legally by the Philippine Government. All information related to customers is absolutely confidential so you can completely rest assured. Furthermore, the website system is continuously updated to fix problems and increase user experience. With its efforts, VZ99.LIVING has now made a special mark in the hearts of customers, becoming the number 1 reputable betting brand in the market.

Bookmaker VZ99 was established and headquartered in Manila, Philippines since 2012. Licensed to operate and strictly managed by international fair gambling organizations.
Bookmaker VZ9 expands its market around the world, including Vietnam. During more than 12 years of operation in Vietnam, VZ99 has also made a name for itself, worthy of being the leading reputable online betting house here.

Successful transaction at VZ99
Successful transaction at VZ99

VZ99 – Safe and transparent playground

In addition to having a legal operating license, VZ99 is still a name that makes users feel secure when experiencing here, because:

Customer information security system is safe with solid firewall layers

The issue of information security is of concern to many players. They are afraid that if they provide private information on VZ99, their account will be stolen. You absolutely do not need to worry about this issue as the VZ99 system is always updated and improved continuously. All information you provide will be encrypted using modern machinery and technology.

VZ99 will not arbitrarily provide user data to third parties without the customer’s permission. Transactions also proceed in a closed process, preventing hackers from entering.

Fast, open and transparent transactions

Each person joining VZ99 will register for a certain account. This account is used to participate in all games. All information provided by players will be absolutely confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without the customer’s consent. Therefore, you can bet with complete peace of mind.

In addition, the deposit and withdrawal process at the house is also carried out very quickly and professionally. Every transaction has a clear storage history. It only takes a few seconds to a few minutes for you to deposit and withdraw money from VZ99. Transactions involving money are encrypted, known only to the dealer and the player.

Some other advantages of bookmaker VZ99

In addition to the above advantages, VZ99 is also a quality playground with many other utilities. VZ99 is always highly rated based on the criteria below.

24/7 continuous support during gaming

In order to support users as quickly as possible, bookmaker VZ99 provides many different methods for gamers to contact when necessary. If you have any questions, you can ask 24/7 customer service from the dealer via social networks, via zalo, online contact or through agents. Customer support and consulting staff will quickly contact and provide all necessary information to gamers.

High odds at the top of the market

It can be said that VZ99 is one of the bookmakers with the highest odds in the Vietnamese betting market. Especially with lottery betting. According to many players, considering only lottery betting at VZ99, the odds of betting on lottery numbers are 1 to 99.9. Or for example, if the odds are 1 to 16, if the odds are 1 to 2.3, the odds of 3 are 1 to 980, etc.


The bonus ratio at VZ99 is quite high, up to 1:99.5
The bonus ratio at VZ99 is quite high, up to 1:99.5

With the above ideal betting levels, players will have the opportunity to make a “huge” bet after winning. Not to mention that bookmaker VZ99 also offers many annual promotions for gamers.

Diverse, many attractive betting games

Entering the world of VZ99, players will experience a diverse system of many different types of games. The games are all very easy to play, and the odds are very high to create conditions for you to own the most attractive bonuses. Accordingly, you can participate in sports betting with games such as betting on football, basketball, badminton, boxing… or experience virtual sports and Esport.
Some game genres such as fish shooting, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger, slots game, lottery, lottery… also attract a large number of players. For more specific information about the games, quickly register an account and deposit money to play the game.

Scientific interface, friendly to Asian users

The games at bookmaker VZ99 are designed with an extremely impressive interface. The clear division of light and dark colors clearly highlights the folder at the game portal. Even if you are a new player, you only need to do a few steps to log in and find the game you love most.

See more: Contact the 24/7 customer service department for the best support.

VZ99's interface is designed to be very friendly and optimized

VZ99’s interface is designed to be very friendly and optimized


It can be affirmed that VZ99.LIVING is a reputable and safe bookmaker with the largest number of players today. Here, you can both bet, keep your information confidential and have the opportunity to bring in many attractive promotions. Hopefully the information in the article has helped you gain more useful knowledge and have a better overview of VZ99.

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